StudioPretty is a multi-disciplinary design studio run by Creative Director and founder Jim Pretty, based in the UK working across multiple sectors internationally primarily producing design and branding for the music, fashion, tech and parallel creative industries.

The studio functions as both a physical and virtual network that builds teams for projects from a small niche group of trusted experts and skilled professionals, allowing us to work across a broad range of sectors and project sizes.

Our speciality is working with artists, other creatives and creative industry-related companies who come with their own clear artistic vision and needs.

This work has quite different parameters to the norm requiring a nuanced and niche approach that both places the artist or company in the right market place, but differentiates them from the crowd in an authentic manner often attuned to divergent ethos’ - the task being to harness both agency and communion at the same time, since no one or no brand can ever be a whole part without being a part of something else.