StudioPretty is a multi-disciplinary creative design and branding studio working for clients within the music / fashion / retail / film / television / arts / event sectors, creating, producing and implementing brand design and communications across all channels.

A design studio with the skill set of an agency and the personableness and flexibility of an individual, StudioPretty has a well established and unique strategic way of working with clients: through becoming a team player, working to fulfil day-to-day needs whilst working on the bigger branding project as they come up. StudioPretty helps brands communicate when they need and how they need, pulling in skills when needed and always delivering creative outputs in an exceptional and innovate way to deadline.
As StudioPretty stands now it holds four creative partnerships across the fashion, music and film sectors with Richard James Savile Row, Chester Barrie / Prominent EU Ltd, EartH Revolutionary Arts Hackney, and the East End Film Festival respectively. Relationships which have all stood the test of time across a 15 year period.

And much like our clientele, their wares and outputs, we feel we are a premium product too.

About James Pretty
Founder / Creative Director

From the beginning it was always about how to express a brand through great ideas in innovate ways - building narratives, communicating across boundaries. The same is true now.

However after 25 years of working in London across a diverse range of sectors within the design world, providing graphic design across all disciplines it is James' unique way of working with clients that defines him; whilst successful outcomes are obviously the objective, a successful process is also key. And such process is underpinned by successful relationships formed through great communication skills.

It’s James’ passion and commitment to build successful relationships to allow such a process to exist, creating the perfect environment for brands to flourish.
James also holds the position of Art Director at the Bafta award winning agency Bold Creative.


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